Interpretation of a Song Rules




Members can enter up to two sequences

The object of the competition is to interpret a song in the audio visual format.


Your choice of the song is entirely open and must be used in its entirety.

The addition of sound effects to enhance your creativity is allowed but not any additional voiceover.

Your name or logo should not appear on your sequences

Points Awarded to the Muriel Yetts Award


1st Place: 6 Points.  2nd Place: 5 Points.  3rd Place 4 Points. Commended (if any) 3 Points. Entry: 2 Points.


All sequences entered into group competitions must have at least 60% of the entrant's own photography.

Your name or logo should not appear on your sequences

7th June 2017

Judged by

Gerald Kitiyakara LRPS


Author Position Points
Caledonia Heather Clarke 1st 6
Nine Million Bicycles David Campbell Burns 2nd 5
Surfin U S A Dick Williams 3rd 4
How We Love Keith Leedham HC 3
The Cutty Sark Song Andrew Pickess   2
The Queens Award Roger Stevens   2
Botanical Gardens Andrew Stevens   2
What a Wonderful World Gordon Clarke   2