Set Subject Competition Rules

 Members can enter up to two sequences

The object of the competition is to produce a sequence interpreting a subject as set by the previous years winner


Points Awarded to the Muriel Yetts Award


1st Place: 6 Points.  2nd Place: 5 Points.  3rd Place 4 Points. Commended (if any) 3 Points. Entry: 2 Points.

All sequences entered into group competitions must have at least 60% of the entrant's own photography.

Your name or logo should not appear on your sequences

2018 Subject "The Natural World" set by Heather Clarke

Wednesday 5th September 2018

 Judged by

Club Members



Title Author   Points
Waiting game Keith Leedham 1st 6
Natural Cornwall Dick Williams 2nd 5
The Pond Andrew Pickess 3rd 4
The Wonder of Nature Pauline Martindale   2
 The Highlands & Islands  Pauline Martindale   0