4 Minute Trophy Competition Rules

 Members can enter up to two sequences

The object of the competition is to produce a sequence lasting no longer than 4 minutes.

The subject matter is open


Points Awarded to the Muriel Yetts Award


1st Place: 6 Points.  2nd Place: 5 Points.  3rd Place 4 Points. Commended (if any) 3 Points. Entry: 2 Points.

In addition to these an extra 4 points will be awarded for the best third image and also an an additional 4 points for the popular audience vote 

All sequences entered into group competitions must have at least 60% of the entrant's own photography.

Your name or logo should not appear on your sequences

5th December 2018


Club Judged





Title Author Position Score
After the storm Dave Wilcox 1st 6
Isle of Harris Heather Clarke 2nd - Best 3rd Image 9
Stourhead Dick Williams 3rd 4
Thorseby Hall Roger Stevens HC 3
Three Trees Andrew Pickess   2
Ephemera Bernard Turnbull   2
Steampunk Convention Pauline Martindale   2
7 Deadly Sins David Ames   2
Isle of Skye Gordon Clarke   2