Muriel Yetts Award Rules

Points available towards The Muriel Yetts Award. In each of the competitions below, two entries are allowed.

Your name or logo should not appear on your sequences for these competitions, but a copy with your credits can be provided by the author if they so wish and be saved on the computer for possible selection for future occasions. These sequences should be titled, for example, "(c) Scottish Highlands.exe".  

Interpretation of a song. Set subject.  Fun competition (1 Metre),  4 Minute Trophy

1st Place: 6 Points.  2nd Place: 5 Points.  3rd Place 4 Points. Commended (if any) 3 Points. Entry: 2 Points. In addition, within the 4 Minute Trophy, Best Third Image or Dissolve: 4 Points (and an additional 4 points will be awarded to the popular club vote).

East Anglian Competition: 1st Place: 10 Points.  2nd Place: 8 Points. 3rd Place: 6 Points.

Awards for Photography, Sound, Dissolves, Humour, Terry Butler Prize, & Popular Vote: 5 points. Merits: 4 Points. Entry: 2 points.

Points will only be awarded for an entry once within each competition.

Winner of The Muriel Yetts Award will be declared on the evening of the AGM

The winner will keep the trophy for 1 year.

In the event of a tie, a count back system will apply, committee to decide.